An Autumn Yoga Flow

Seasonal changes remind us that the only constant in life is change and Autumn is nature’s lesson in letting go. It is an opportunity to appreciate the bounty of Summer and to prepare for the demands of Winter. As such it is our opportunity to let go of what we no longer need and stock up in preparation for what is to come.

Shorter days mean less time for doing and more time for being still and quiet. The increased darkness is our invitation to turn inwards and find the light within.

In this flow we are going to practice turning inward, focusing on letting go, balancing movement and stillness, strength and surrender.

Warm Up:

  • Seated side bends
  • Seated spinal twists
  • Cat/cow (flow x5)
  • Plank/Downward dog (flow x5)
  • Mountain pose (close your eyes and focus on grounding)


  • Sun Salutations (2 rounds, slowly, focusing on the breath)
  • Warrior Flow – Warrior I, Warrior II, Extended Side Angle, Triangle, Reverse Warrior, Humble Warrior (twice each side)


  • Pigeon pose
  • Supported Bridge
  • Legs up the wall
  • Supine twists
  • Savasana

See what you have released, like a tree standing in a pile of dropped leaves – focus inwards and remember you have all you need within yourself.


Trish xx

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