Autumn Morning Routine

Autumn is definitely one of my favourite times of year – there is something about the leaves changing colour and the kids going back to school that makes me feel like it’s time for a fresh start and I think this year, more than ever, it’s a good time to look at how I start my day and adapt it to suit the colder months and to take the time to reflect and recharge.

This is how my ideal morning routine looks:

Make my bed as soon as I get up – it’s a simple task and is easily achieved so I start the day with a sense of achievement and productivity and I think it helps to boost my mood for those reasons.

Make a warm drink – for me this is usually coffee but I think some apple and cinnamon tea might be nice to start the day at this time of year as well.

Move! Listen to your body and see how it wants to move – is it yoga, a run, a walk or maybe some gentle stretches – do what needs to be done to help the body to wake up.

Meditate – I like the calm app just to take a few minutes to centre and breathe and with a different daily calm every day there is a bit of variety to my meditation practice.

Breakfast – Make something nutritious and yummy that you will enjoy and will make you feel full.

Go and enjoy the day!

I hope you enjoy your mornings and that a little routine will help make your days run smoother.


Trish xx

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