Intention Setting for the New Year

With the new year comes the chance to reflect, renew and begin the year with a new set of goals. People often talk of setting new year’s resolutions, however, none of us have anything that we need to “resolve” – we are all unique and perfect in our own way so what about the idea of setting intentions for the new year instead? What about adding joy, strength, gratitude and happiness in new ways? I wanted to share some ideas around intention setting with you to try and make 2020 your best year yet.

Be grateful for your past – Take time to reflect on the year gone by, close your eyes and remember your goals, achievements, struggles and joys. Think about where you were this time last year and what you have achieved in the last 12 months. Take a moment to feel grateful for yourself, your experiences and the people that have supported you in 2019.

Meditate on what you wish to achieve in 2020 – Imagine yourself one year from now, what do you want your life to look like? What do you want to have achieved? Imagine your physical and mental health, your relationships, your career, your family – maybe you want to change something, approach a new challenge, maybe you simply want to spend more time enjoying the happiness that already exists in your life. Spend a few minutes to focus on yourself and the ways that you can add to your life this year.

Set your intentions – Write down a few clear ideas that you want to focus on to help you to achieve the goals that you imagined. Think of things that will bring you closer to your best self. Set your intentions on things that will put you on course for achieving your dreams throughout the year.

Create a mantra – Have a mantra that you can use as a daily reminder during your yoga or meditation practice or other quiet moments.

Don’t stress about outcomes – Forget the idea that results are the only measurement of success – trust in the process and growth will occur. Your success will come in many forms so take time to acknowledge it. Take time to feel grateful each day and continue to live in the present moment.

Examples of positive new year intentions:

  • I want to enjoy my life to the fullest – mantra: “enjoy”.
  • I want to have a healthy relationship with my body, mind and soul – mantra: “relationship”
  • I intend to be more in tune with the present moment – mantra: “presence”
  • I want to appreciate everything in my life as much as possible – mantra: “appreciate”
  • I want to praise progress and forget perfection – mantra: “progress”
  • I intend to trust the process of life – mantra: “trust”

1 thought on “Intention Setting for the New Year

  1. Jan 12th or 26 th if you free are provisional dates…
    Free sample 😅 Bring friends .. or enemies


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