Autumn Evening Routine

Following on from the Autumn morning routine I thought I would share some ideas for an Autumn evening routine.

Pick your bedtime and stay consistent with it – Having a consistent sleep schedule has been shown to lead to an overall sense of happiness and well being as well as calmness in facing day to day activities. I like to use the bedtime reminder on my fitbit to tell me when it is time to start to wind down.

Power down – Turn off the tv, internet and phone at least an hour before bedtime to signal to your body that it is time to relax.

Bath – I think that a bath is just the loveliest way to decompress, relax and wind down. Add some essential oils and epsom salts to help your muscles relax and light some candles and play some nice relaxing music and just enjoy being in the moment.

Cosy pyjamas and fluffy socks – Enjoy the softness and warmth as you wrap up in some lovely cosy pyjamas and socks to keep your feet toasty.

Tea – Try different flavours or blends and enjoy the flavour and aroma as it warms you up.

Gratitude journal – Write down the things that you are grateful for to help you focus on the good things in life.

Read – Give yourself time to escape to another world.


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