A Winter Evening Routine

After a busy day many of us just fall into bed without taking time to slow down and relax, only to start another busy day the following morning and so the cycle continues. Having an evening routine gives us the opportunity to decompress and helps us sleep better which will improve energy levels the next day.

  1. Pick a bedtime – Stay consistent with your bedtime even at weekends. Eventually your body will start to wind down which can help you to fall asleep quicker meaning less tossing and turning. Scientists discovered in a 2017 study that having a consistent sleep schedule leads to an overall sense of happiness and wellbeing as well as being more calm when facing day-to-day activities.

2. Bath – A nice warm bath is a brilliant way of winding down. Adding Epsom salts and lavender oil can help promote muscle relaxation leading to a better sleep. If you don’t have time for a bath you can enjoy a foot bath instead. Ensure that you have your bath an hour before you go to bed to ensure optimal sleep.

3. Pyjamas – Get into your pyjamas so that you are nice and cosy and can relax.

4. Tea – There is something really relaxing and comforting about a cup of tea in your pyjamas. You can try different flavours, chamomile can help you sleep by relaxing the nervous system and it is a natural sedative. You can also try different seasonal flavours. I really enjoy chai tea in Winter.

5. Journal – Journaling is proven to help reduce stress and promote feeling of wellbeing. Writing down your thoughts helps you to consider them in a more objective way by creating distance between the thinker and the thought. Journaling provides a way to process your emotions – naming the specific emotions your feeling and accepting them reduces their strength. In this way difficult emotions can be less overwhelming and easier to manage. It can help you to figure out next steps in a given situation and will deepen self-discovery.

6, Read – Get lost in a good book. Studies have shown that people who read before bed ending up sleeping better than those who don’t.

7. Pillow Spray – A nice sleep scent sprayed on your pillow can help you sleep better. Lavender, jasmine and bergamot are a few scents that promote rest. One of my favourites is the Fearne Cotton Happy Place Sleep Room Spray.

8. Turn out the lights – We sleep better in the dark. You might also like to use an eye mask to make it dark, if you do this you can warm your mask before bed to make it even more cosy.

Sweet dreams xx

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