A Winter Meditation

Winter is natures hibernation , a way of telling us to rest. We often spend our lives worrying about everything that is to come, nature reminds us to focus on the present moment. It is a time to move more slowly, with intention, across the slippery ice of life, plan your present to avoid crashing in the future. I hope you enjoy this winter meditation.

Start by finding a comfortable, quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. You might want to light a candle, hear the pop as it lights, see the glow of light, feel any heat that comes from it and notice what you can smell. Now close your eyes and take a moment to find presence in this moment. Welcome winter’s grace, breathe in, breathe out and continue breathing, noticing your breath until stillness envelopes you into a deeper sense of peace and calm. Observe how your body is feeling, notice where you are warm, where you are cool. In winter, we wrap up in warm layers to protect us from the chill, in order to keep ourselves warm. Likewise, we must protect our spirituality with a layer of pure intentions. Winter is a great time to let go of those things that no longer serve us and cover ourselves with a new protective blanket, woven with peace and love. Sit in warmth and notice that life can be lived in patience. When the snowstorm hits, instead of cursing the loss of power respond instead with patience and gratitude. When the storm subsides, observe the grandeur of a white field of snow. Notice the reflected glisten of sun sparkling off the field. Know that within you lies the same essence of the sun’s energy. Focus on the stillness between the snow and the sun. Notice the icicles deforming the image of nature through their frozen glass and the slow drip as the beauty of nature transforms and melts back to the earth, seeking a place of rest before the freeze of night. Confident that tomorrow brings another day of transformation. Lengthen your thoughts and your body, expand into the vastness of white, above find blue skies, an amber sun and fluffy clouds. Find warmth without, find warmth within. Embrace the tangible and release the elusive. Like the transformative powers of ice, reinvent yourself along your journey; practice peace within movement. Notice your breath, the coolness as it enters the body, the warmth as it leaves and know that you have the power to change and sometimes it is as simple as just taking a breath. With each breath, the energy within becomes aligned, balanced, and complete. You will emerge from winter’s rest balanced and aligned. Winter is the time to fill your cup to the brim with fluffy snow and when friction arises, know that patience renews and what was cold thaws into a pool of good-intentions and now your cup has room for more of you.

As you emerge from your meditation, take time to move with awareness. First wiggle your fingers and toes then your ankle and wrists, followed by a wake-up stretch. Keep your eyes closed for as long as possible and use your other senses to come back to the present. Notice what you can feel, smell and hear and when the light from without finally reaches within absorb the warmth.


Trish xx

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