A Spring Morning Routine

As seasons change so too do our routines. When planning your routine think about the things that you want to get done in the morning and go from there. After you work out what you want to get done you can work out your structure – figure out what takes the most time, what is the most important – this will help you plan out your routine. When you know what you want to do and how long each thing takes this will help you plan what time you want to wake up at. As with all things make sure that you give yourself permission to change it up and accept that some days your morning will look nothing like you wanted it to but if you can stick to a routine for the most part it will help your day flow better.

My Spring morning routine looks like the below – you can use this to help you plan your own morning or to give you ideas as to what your routine might look like.

7am – Wake Up. I’m not one of those people who wake up and can jump straight out of bed – it takes me a few minutes to wake up properly.

7:10 am – Meditation (in bed) – I like listening to a guided meditation to start my day – I love the Calm app for this (https://www.calm.com)

7:25 am – Journal – I like to take time to journal after meditation – I include gratitude journalling in my morning practice because it sets me up nicely for the day.

7:40 am – Yoga – My morning practice is usually quite a short one and my energy tends to dictate what it looks like – some mornings I flow through a few Sun Salutations and my practice is quote dynamic, others I know my body doesn’t want that and I do some Cat/Cow Stretches, Pigeon Pose and Child’s Pose. I do make sure to always take time for Savasana though.

8am – Shower and get ready for work.

8:20 am – Breakfast with the kids before I go to work and they go to school.

8:30 am – Wash up after breakfast.

8:40 am – Leave for work.

I hope you find this helpful, I know that the hardest part is sticking to the routine but I also know that when I do that my day definitely runs more smoothly.

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