A loving kindness meditation for kids

A Loving Kindness meditation is a practice that can help us feel connected to ourselves, to people we love and to expand our circle of compassion to people we don’t know. It works by recognising that we all want the same basic things in life – good health, happiness, and peace – and this knowledge can counteract feelings of loneliness.

Start off by sitting comfortably. Think about someone in your life that you care very much about. Picture their face and imagine them smiling at you. Send them good wishes by repeating these phrases in your head. Imagine your heart growing bigger each time you say a phrase.

  1. May you be happy.
  2. May you be healthy.
  3. May your heart be filled with love.

Next we will send loving thoughts to children all over the world. Just like you, all children everywhere want to be happy, healthy and to feel loved.

  1. May all children be happy.
  2. May all children be healthy.
  3. May all children’s hearts be filled with love.

It is important that you are as kind to yourself as you are to your friends, you deserve the same love that you share with others. Repeat the following phrases for yourself.

  1. May I be happy.
  2. May I be healthy.
  3. May my heart be filled with love.

Place your hand over your heart and take three slow breaths. Notice how you feel right now.

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